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Jul. 30th, 2008 @ 12:09 pm W3D1 -- sortof
So I was feeling kind of discouraged because I've gone back to week 3 in column 3, and so far I've done day 1 twice but haven't completed it yet. I can do the first 25, but after that my arms just don't want to do much more! However, I feel like I might be ready to do W3D1 all the way through tonight.

But the good part was that on Monday, I decided to do all of the pushups and to just take breaks when I needed them. I think I only made it through the first set with no break, BUT, when I added all my pushups together, I made it to 99!!! Even if they're not consecutive, that's still pretty awesome. Today I'll hopefully manage Day 1 and then I'll be moving on and up from there.

Hope everyone is doing well, this is becoming tough but rewarding!
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