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Mar. 13th, 2010 @ 06:18 pm Here we go again
Hey all. This is the second time I've started the 100pushup thing, first time I reached week 5 successfully, but then shoulder injury threw me off last summer, and only now are pushups feasible. So, I'm back to starting on week one, because my shoulders are incredibly imbalanced. i.e. I can do five good form one handed pushups on my right arm, but my left arm struggles to take its share of the strain of five normal pressups, without it becoming unstable.

My plan is to modify the form of the pressups a little-instead of going to 90 degrees, I'm ending up at a 120-130ish elbow angle, because this is as far as I can go before my shoulder starts using the wrong muscles for movement, and loses stability-and I'm just going to repeat the week 1 and 2 block, restarting at week 1 each time I can bend further, until I reach that 90 degree point. Then I'll just keep going, but repeating where necessary so that my stability muscles don't get pushed past their ability so I don't end up with another injury :)

Anyway, started on week 1 day 1 today, after an initial test of 9 (*cringe*. I used to be doing sets of 30 in karate warmups without too much difficulty. sigh.) and I'm using my ipod app for it. Have to say, it makes it  easier to pay attention to the rest times, and not allow yourself an extra few seconds :) 6,6,4,4,6(5), so 26 in total. I did some more upper body work afterwards, and some physio for my shoulder, and it seems to be holding up fine. Hopefully I'll make it past week 5 this time =]
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